Friday 09 Jun 2017

Flavor Paper & UM Project present ‘Conduct’ 

Flavor Paper founder Jon Sherman discovered a water-based conductive ink two years ago and decided to make a wallpaper that achieved what no other wallpaper had before. In order to make the wallpaper effectively demonstrate its ability to conduct electricity he needed interesting design elements to activate. In his desire to create something simple and playful, yet well designed, Jon knew UM Project and founder François Chambard would be the ideal collaborator and so the project began. With the brand’s focus on unusual goods and furniture using simple forms and honest materials, UM Project and Flavor Paper worked closely on all aspects of ‘Conduct,’ with each company handling their respective sides of production to create a simple and playful yet well-designed wallpaper. 

Flavor Paper’s innovative display encourages visitors to become active participants in the world of wallpaper. The presentation comes alive with sound, light and motion when individuals touch key points on the screen printed conductive ink tiles. With its artful combination of technology and design, ‘Conduct’ elevates the concept of wallpaper into a new realm of possibility that transcends décor.
The installation incorporates soft pink and greige hues with splashes of Ghislaine Viñas’ Wild Thing wallpaper. Hand printed plywood tiles featuring graphic circuitry traces connect with polished copper tabs that conduct electricity to the UM Project function boxes.

Sound Light Box utilizes a single touchpad to activate deeper rings of light in a Verner Panton inspired Corian housing. With a final touch, a tonal sound emanates from a central speaker before the lights and sound fade out. Light Timer and Moiré starts a timer realized as a James Turrell-influenced progressive light bar made of Corian. As the timer ultimately turns bright orange, the signal travels down the circuits to turn a hand printed moiré panel made of wood and plexiglass. Shadow Shower features a single touchpad that triggers a large overhead light canopy made of wood and metal, bathing the participant in a shower of light and a shadow pattern.

Shutter Box stimulates a moving shutter panel with wood patterned and mirrored sides that move across a hand printed striped wooden box, creating an effect that resembles the American flag, but with dots rather than stars to represent unity. Meanwhile, the mirrored side allows users to see themselves in the representation. Light Box involves a quad touchpad enabling users to press different elements that light up quadrants of a bronze glass-housed LED system with leather washer details. Lastly, with Fan, a beautiful perforated copper relay bar is placed on a stand, which immediately activates nine fans to the user’s side and offers a gentle breeze.

The innovative wallpaper embodies the playful character of both companies, and the display uniquely demonstrates Flavor Paper’s ability to create wall coverings that function as modern works of art. This installation’s thoughtful combination of 2D and 3D elements creates an exciting, novel experience, and as all aspects are handmade in Brooklyn, the colours, textures, materials, scale and outcomes are completely customizable.

‘Conduct’ is a skilful combination of innovative engineering and inspirational ideas, with a bright and engaging arrangement that gives new meaning to wallpaper. This compelling display provides an inviting, immersive experience that encourages exploration of the endless opportunities within wallpaper design.