Tuesday 06 Jun 2017

Ultraframe. A new collection by UM Project. 

Ultraframe is an exercise in structure, texture and material at the intersection of function and fiction. Rigorous and geometric frames are completed by soft or rounded covers, shells or inserts. The result is both familiar and otherworldly, yielding a family of pieces that are part furniture, part vessel. While the colours are unusually restrained for UM Project, the collection’s playful seriousness is typical of other work by the studio. The choice of rich, bold and honest materials, as well as attention to detail, suggests a sense of practical utility for pieces that could otherwise be seen as endearing characters.

A broad palette of unfinished industrial or raw materials (e.g. aluminum, concrete, cork, phenolic, Corian®) was selected for its innate tactile qualities, various depths and colours. The design and fabrication process borrows to traditional furniture making and also to architecture or transportation design (e.g. aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding) by applying flexible skins or hard shells to various engineered substructures. While the process sounds technical and precise, it helped create human-size pieces that are engaging and packed with personality.

About UM Project

UM Project is based in Brooklyn, NY and was founded by François Chambard. UM stands for User & Maker. UM designs furniture, unusual goods and special projects. Integrating concept, design and manufacturing, the work transcends the qualities of both the handmade and the mass-produced. Rather than utilizing complex processes and transformation, designs rely on the unusual combination and connections of simple forms, honest materials and distinct colours. The result is work that is essential and precise, purposeful and functional, surprising yet familiar, sometimes playful, always inviting. UM has won industry awards and has been featured countless times in the US and international press.

Significant work by UM includes the recent award-winning Conductive Wallpaper project developed in collaboration with Flavor Paper, design for the new retail concept The New Stand, the Craft System collection, the Odd Harmonics series of sculptural theremins, The Printshop at The Museum of Arts and Design in New York City, ground-breaking recording consoles and audio gear, the best-seller Holy Stool, the LUM Lamp and the Happy Bones coffee shop in Soho, NYC in collaboration with Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design.

Photography by Francis Dzikowski/OTTO