Thursday 27 Apr 2017

Waves was created as street furniture with the idea of user protection against sitting on the cold and dirty ground. Named after the geometric shape of the basic module, which is thus transformed from a visual motif into a functional form. This design proposal for a contemporary city bench seeks to understand the concept of a stairs furniture as a holistic design problem. The wavy outline of the bench starts to interact with the outline of the stairs becoming a part of it. The relationship between the elements is strong and smooth.

Unique Properties / Project Description
The Waves bench brings the essence of nature back into a metropolitan stairs through dynamic, organic motion. This bench is made of many wooden parallel slats, each individually hinged. When you sit down, the slats you sit upon lower, creating a ripple in the bench headed in both directions. Each different modules are movable. They can be used as a single bench or a whole bench come together with different sizes. Internal springs connecting the slats pull their neighbors down in response, creating a wave motion. This slow-motion liquid ripple reaches the end of the bench and reflects back.

Operation / Flow / Interaction
With layers of slats cut into ever larger or smaller modules that are so natural the piece appears to be moving like waves. Each modules represents their individual character and moves like a wave. You can easily move them with the help of wheels. All 11 different modules come together and become one big endless bench. There is something definitely fun about these gradiently coloured pieces. Yet at the same time, they are sleek and modern and simple with the natural beauty of the wood enhancing every curve.

Production / Realization Technology
Movable bench Waves is a design for stairs furniture against dust and dirt. This unconventional outdoor seating idea consists of a series of vertical slats of wood. They are linked together by adjustable assembly fixings, offering a wide range of configuration options. Each of the moving coherently and become one big furniture when needed. Laser-cut, retified wood. Mechanical assembly. Wheels are attached to the axels with a single nut (1/2") per wheel. Wheels are used both for the movement and disconnecing the relation between the ground. With this cold and dirt never would be a problem for the user.

Specifications / Technical Properties
The qualities of retified, thermally treated wood enable the furniture to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Lasercut, retified wood. Mechanical assembly. 1 module's dimensions are w:50cm, d:60cm, h:varies 62cm to 35cm Prototype length 5.5m variable basewidth up to 0.5m.

Research Abstract
Instead of offering only one single static design, each different module is movable with the help of attached wheels. This scheme suggests multiple varying solutions that meet specific dynamic criteria. That way the model's structure is capable of producing a variety of unique furniture results. Together they generate an endless family of new urban stairs bench furniture. The project is first digitally modeled with the assistance of 3d modelling programs creating the profile curves that form the shape. Technology and creativity can lead to unordinary furniture that leaves a new impact on the stairs with a different atmosphere.

About Tulin + Ayse / Studio-34
Internationally renowned, Istanbul-based multidisciplinary design studio Studio-34 was founded in 2007 by Ayse Teke Mingü and Tülin Atamer Karaagaç. Studio-34 works across interiors, product and experiential design, forging a reputation for thoughtfulness, experimentation and craftsmanship. Approaching each project initially as storytellers, their work seeks to understand the character and context of each project. Each element is informed by a uniquely space-centric approach, blending wit with sophistication, and minimal forms with rich materials. With a portfolio that includes commercial, retail, and office developments, Studio-34's work is typified by familiar forms and materials repurposed in vital, contemporary ways. Their work has redefined Istanbul's cityscape, including numerous hospitality, retail, residential and public realm developments. Studi0-34's signature furniture and lighting range is sold around the world.