Elemental Collection
Friday 21 Apr 2017

A collection of 10 pieces which takes its name from its minimalistic approach to materials and design forms by Turkish designer Eser Gungor. 

Leftover pieces of brass sheets and black marble  were used to create the whole collection; in fact all the material used  were the recycled remains of mass production collected from industrial sites. The result of this upcycling method is a range of truly luxurious products.


"Earth" Napkin Holder
Negative space of world forests map incised into the faces of napkin holder on world map outline with continents, it points out environmental impact of paper consumption with an ironic way in this way. You might see the forests' locations as gaps on the world map and on the continents when all paper napkins are finished in this napkin holder.

"Elemental"  Table Mirror
A round mirror floats on a cubic marble base, mirror floats on the base with the help of an invisible brass plate behind it.

"Arch"  Pendant Lamp
Lampshade becomes from two single part, upper and lower part, the design of these parts influenced by Ancient Roman Archetype.

"Istanbul"  Napkin Holder
Istanbul is a napkin holder design bended from a single brass sheet. Each side of design reflects projection of bosphorus coastlines which connects Asia+Europe continents.

"Full Moon"  Table Light
A spherical lampshade stands on a horizontal platform which forms from small leftover marble pieces and brass plates.

"Half Moon" Pendant Lamp
Half Moon is a lamp shade design bended from a single circular brass sheet with a minimalistic approach. It gets form of half circle after bending.

"Aladdin" Candle Holder
Aladdin is a two sided candle holder design, one side is for tealight, the other side is for candlestick, these two sides separate by a thin brass line.

"Cyristal" Pendant Lamp
Movement in serenity, purity in finiteness. Triangular shapes formed the lamp shade.

"Orbit" Pendant Lamp
Orbit forms from processed leftover marble pieces and brass plates. Design influences by pivotal movement of galaxies.

"Wabi Sabi" Napkin Holder
Nothing lasts, nothing is perfect, nothing is finished, this brass napkin holder inspired by Wabi-Sabi philosophy, and the crack at the top represents this in an abstract way.