Thursday 30 Mar 2017

Viride by Goula / Figuera Studio

Viride (from latin "green") is a collection of experimental luminaries which brings together two elements which are very present in the domestic landscape: artificial lighting and vegetation. Lamps and plants have been found within homes for centuries, but always separately. Plants, in order to live in interiors, have always relied on the need of sun light which enters through the windows, and its amount and quality, has always conditioned the choice of a specific kind of plant. However, in modern interiors, natural light is not always available, while, at the same time, the advances on artificial lighting today allow to grow vegetables without a single ray of sun.

Viride blends the suggestive capability for transforming interiors of light with the decorative natural beauty of plants in a new typology of object. The collection is composed of three different models each one specially designed for a specific plants' morphology. All of them have one or more led panels with a color scheme suitable for interiors and at the same time convenient for the growth of the plants. Furthermore, the leds are programmed to turn on and off periodically in order to ensure that each plant receives the most suitable amount of light.

Viride Tres: Conceived for hanging plants, (on the image, Nephentes, a carnivorous plant) has three led panels distributed in a way so the leaves receive light from all directions. Furthermore, when lit, the three led panels rotate continuously at a very low speed in a continuous movement that poetically evokes the sunrise and the twilight.

Viride Uno: With only one static and larger led panel, it is specially suited for plants that demand a small amount of substrate, like tillandsias (epiphytes or air plants) which grow without soil, and get water and nutrients from air.

Viride Dos: It has two led panels with different degrees of orientation and a wide container, so plants with a greater need of soil can grow. The container rotates perpetually at a very low speed to ensure all the plants receive the same amount of light. Additionally, Viride Dos integrates an ultrasonic air humidifier which increases air moisture.