Steel Vessels
Thursday 09 Mar 2017

When industry comes to the table... a salvaged industrial tank head creates beauty in this container: steel rests on a geometrical stand made of wrought iron.

Now domesticated, the Steel Vessel holds odds and ends. In the centre of the table, it accommodates keys, gloves, fruit, a hat and anything else in transit. A welcoming and generous shape.


Max is a designer who thinks with his hands. His ideas emerge from confrontation with the context and the materials. Fascinated by the process, whether industrial or handmade, his intuition is in the making. The principal companion of some designers is the pencil, for him it's the workbench.

An architect father, a childhood in the USA probably gave him a feel for structure. Exoskeletons, the objects he designs often wear their architecture. The precision of the object's scale is in the choice of materials and it is here that Max becomes a craftsman.

Crédit photo : Matylda Kryzkowski

Material: steel. Hand welded feet

Sizes and price:
Ø 30 cm : 180 euros
Ø 40 cm : 220 euros
Ø 50 cm : 250 euros

Colours: black, white, olive green

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