Mode and Float Series
Thursday 09 Mar 2017

Lightmaker Studio launches the Mode and Float Series of fixtures and adds to their Zig-Zag Series.

In keeping with the Company's design philosophy - all three series use classic forms, pure shapes and materials such as hand-finished brass and hand-blown glass to create sculpture-like modern pieces.

Mode Series Pendant
Varying sizes of blown glass spheres reach out in a rhythmic pattern on a single horizontal plane. Mode contrasts the movement of the globes with a lean and linear profile.

When used in multiples at staggered elevations, the resulting whole is more art-piece than light fixture. Used singly, Mode creates significant presence in a height-constrained space.

Float Series Chandelier

A rigid geometric grid balances a seemingly random pattern of globes. Float explores the contrast between the opulent brass and glass spheres and the highly defined horizontal orientation.

While appearing to float, it redefines the chandelier into a semi-flush mount form.

Zig-Zag: Wall or Ceiling

Launched in 2016, Zig-Zag combines classic mid-century lighting forms with a striking modern profile.

Supported by a geometric brass frame, white globes emerge from brass cones, held at ninety-degree angles. While sculpture-like, Zig-Zag is also a functional light source, whether installed on the wall or the ceiling.

As a wall-mounted light source, Zig-Zag provides significant illumination beyond a traditional sconce. As a ceiling-mounted light source the fixture's low profile allows it to be used in rooms or passageways where ceiling heights are constrained.

About Lightmaker Studio

Toronto-based Lightmaker Studio designs and produces original chandeliers and architectural lighting at their Studio in the Distillery District.

Established in 2014, Lightmaker works with designers on commercial and residential projects across North America.

Lead Designer, Michael Stamler uses a foundation of rhythm and geometry to create pieces that range from engaging and gestural to simple and bold.

All fixtures are hand-finished and assembled in Toronto using materials such as hand-blown glass and brass.

Watch for the Studio's new Boom Chandelier over the IDS Main Stage.

Spec Sheet

Fixture: Mode
Materials: Hand-blown glass, Brass.
Dimensions: 34.5" X 30"
Certification: UL, C-UL
Designer: Alyaa Ashraf
Price: $2650

Fixture: Float
Materials: Hand-blown amber or smoked glass, Brass or Steel
Dimensions: 34.5" X 31.5"
Certification: UL, C-UL
Designer: Michael Stamler
Price: $4400

Fixture: Zig-Zag
Materials: Brass or Steel
Dimensions: Varies
Certification: UL, C-UL
Designer: Michael Stamler
Price: $2975