Tuesday 28 Feb 2017

Missana's new armchair, Cotton, created by the international Spanish designer Eli Gutiérrez, is the latest arrival to The Novelties Catalogue. Cotton is an exclusive piece that takes us to a dreamlike world through its trendy and fun design.

Cotton is a singular and extremely comfortable armchair that conquers the user by just looking at it, transporting us to a deamlike world where the imagination has no limits. Its original shape has been delimited by a sequence of sinuous lines which converge in space resulting in an incredible silhouette defined by its intricate metallic structure. A cozy and embracing armchair that makes the user feel its warmth and protection while using it, an incredible piece that converges in a perfect balance of volumes due to its unique structure and its rounded padded cushions. The originality of Cotton is what impressed the most Missana's creative team when considering the development of this proposal, a project that for its designer, Eli Gutiérrez, means the perfect balance of volumes due to both its playful structure and its padded rounded cushions. Cotton is a casual and versatile product, another one of its most characteristic attributes is the "passepoil" that sorounds the whole backrest perimeter, which according to its creator gives an extra added graphic value to this product that offers endless possibilities. An outstanding, versatile and incredibly fun armchair, that chameleonly addapts to any space.

A selection of colorful fabrics by Kvadrat and a fun fabric by Febrik have been chosen to dress up Cotton for its launching. The fabrics, the structure, the combination of materials and the striking colors have been complemented with an amusing scenography in which the combination of colors and fun elements stand out and take us to Cotton's dreamlike world. The combination of Febrik's Sprinkles Cockatoo fabric in light pink with darker pink sprinkles and Kvadrat's Hallingdal fabrics in 563 fuchsia and 702 purple, clearly helps to make our imagination travel to a fun world of dreams, to a very relaxed and enjoyable place to which this exclusive piece clearly belongs. Its metallic structure and legs have been chromed in a very appealing metallic pink which perfectly reinforces the extreme combination of colors, shapes and shades that makes Cotton the exclusive piece that it is in this the first and successful collaboration between Missana and Eli Gutiérrez.

Eli Gutierrez is a cosmopolitan designer born in Valencia. After fisnishing her studies en her homtown she decided to make a move to London to study Product Design MA at the Royal College of Art, this MA at a prestigious school helped her to define, even in a more clear way, the elegant vision she already had and help her to express it in her own personal language within the design world. Later on she lived in Milan where she collaborated with Patricia Urquiola and in Paris, where she worked with very well known designers such as Philippe Starck or India Mahdavi among many others. In 2015 she opened her own studio dedicated to product and interior design, installations and concept creation, she also does great brand a d rebrandings josbs for example for Chevalier Edition and Geelli, she goes back and forth between Valencia & Paris. Her multidisciplinary studio is a conglomerate of all her experiences, her collaborations with renowned designers and her internattional projects are what most drew the attention of Missana when considering her as a part of the wide range of designers participating in The Novelties catalogue. Eli Gutiérrez defines her cosmopolitan perspective as the experience of a "world citizen", a designer that likes to experiment big while focusing in every detail, a constant traveler with a contemporary and a incisive point giving shape to traditional utensils of her environment with a persuasive and unusual elegance that characterizes her creations.

Missana has over 20 years of proven experience and an endless passion for the design and upholstery world, with a new acquired challenge of making real new ideas and innovative proposals from designers all over the world. Every product is traditionally handmade in the factory in Alberic, Valencia, (Spain). Missana's products have been specified and used in many projects all over the world offering the most demanding audiences trendy and elegant pieces that are modern and contemporary at the same time, pieces that are perdurable over the years due to their durability and the use of noble materials in their production process.

Photography: Cualiti |
Art Direction: Jiménez de Nalda |

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