Monday 27 Feb 2017

Kajo Shelf by Elina Ulvio

The Kajo shelf combines lightning and shelves. Being wall-mounted it makes the most of a limited space and works as a canvaslike interior element. The colour changing led strip attached inside the frontal frame lights the objects on the shelves and nourishes plants, creating beautiful colors and lively shadows on the surface of the wall behind.

The tuning capability of the color of the light expands the multifunctionality of the product, making it an interactive, artistic interior element, which also the children enjoy very much. The play of it's colors, lights and shadows is vivid.
Kajo is Finnish for dawn and it is part of the LSD collection.

The LSD collection consists of products inspired by my background in architecture and an interest in the subconsciousness. The combination of my passions becomes objectified in the collection, where space and form meet bringing a supplemental, psychedelic dimension to furniture. The designs work together adding to each other with a natural dialog. Multifunctionality and stretching limits are common for the pieces. The furniture claim space for themselves by breaking boundaries between object and space using light, shadow, reflection and movement. Form and function, design and architecture blend together creating art of dimensions.