FRACTAL collection
Tuesday 21 Feb 2017

FRACTAL is a natural phenomenon; as well as a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern. The play between the unexpected geometry of the surfaces and the characteristics of the metal changes the light from every point of view. A beautiful shadow play and intimate atmosphere is created.

FRACTAL is available in two sizes: Ø 80cm and Ø100cm. The finishes are in stainless steel, brass grinded, black matt and white matt. In any interior, kitchen, living room or bedroom, FRACTAL will add character to all interiors whether it is decorated in a classic, minimalist or modern style: it always creates an attractive look.

William Brand comments on his work:
'With FRACTAL I used symmetrical forms to create an asymmetrically balanced object. The symmetry leads to a sense of harmony and attractive aesthetics, the asymmetry grabs our attention. It is this interaction that, for me, makes this design so appealing.'

About the designer

William was trained as an artist and an architect. He graduated at the Utrecht School of Arts. As an award-winning furniture designer he for many years designed buildings and interiors for fashion brands, including the headquarters of BRAND VAN EGMOND. His interior designs are always minimalist, in contrast to his lighting designs which have a powerful sculptural presence. He considers his lighting objects the cherry on the cake. His way of working is quite specific. Immediately after defining the concept he starts working in the workshop like a sculptor; experimenting and crafting while having the object grow in his hands, often with unexpected results. Therefore the journey is just as exciting and important as the destination.