Trapéze Kettle
Wednesday 08 Feb 2017

The Trapéze Kettle designed by Fraser Leid. 

In order to promote efficiency by expanding an electric kettle lifespan, Trapéze Kettle has been designed to show you how reduction could be a viable solution for future products.

This concept kettle strips away the design principals of modern electric kettles, eliminating the extent of manufacturing process behind it. The designer wants to establish a simple interpretation, staying closer to traditional kettles by incorporating higher quality build materials and easier to understand aesthetic.

The most unique feature of the kettle is the open trapezoidal shape, the handle is directly inline with one of the kettles leading edges that act as its pouring lip. Just like conventional kettle, the open top is where the kettle can be filled but also visually promotes the disposal of stale water and cleaning the interior more often.

The body is constructed from a single sheet of folded aluminium with a reinforced underside. The interior is coated with stainless steel, while the handle is made of hollow, matte Polypropylene that follows the direction of the body. The base houses electromagnet components comprised of injection moulded ABS.

The boiling process is performed by induction, which is more electrically efficient compared to standard hob kettle boiling and electric elements.