Monday 23 Jan 2017

ZAKKIA is the Sydney based homewares label where Swedish heritage meets natural handmade design.

ZAKKIA design collections that celebrate the natural beauty of raw materials through simple forms that highlight the handmade process. All of their products are handmade in collaboration with small artisan studios whose exceptional skills result in unique products of beautiful quality.

We are big believers in keeping things simple and creating lasting designs. Our clean, functional forms are designed to be used and loved over a lifetime.

For the past two seasons we have been experimenting with terrazzo as one of the core materials. The Terrazzo range now includes candles, serving boards, pots, vessels, trays, wall hooks and vases. 

Initially, Zakkia decided to work with terrazzo as they found the intricate pattern created by the ceramic chips to be very interesting. It creates a uniquely delicate and unobtrusive pattern which is suited to the company's minimalist designs, adding just the right amount of detail. The aim with the Terrazzo designs was to create a modern range that redefined the way this material was traditionally used in the home.

Typically, terrazzo is used as a larger scale floor or wall covering, so the design studio wanted to introduce smaller functional and decorative items that give terrazzo more opportunity to make its way into the home. 

Zakkia have 30 handmade products in the Terrazzo range, and these come in a Rose pink, Snow white or Black colourway. The three colours enable people to create both feminine and masculine terrazzo features in their home.

Each simple form is designed to celebrate the textural beauty of the material and the quality handcraftsmanship that went in to creating every piece. The smooth, handpolished surface makes an interesting contrast against the intricate pattern made by the small tile chips. 

All products are available at www.zakkia.eu or www.zakkia.com.au