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Chris Hardy Design Tuesday 03 Jan 2017

The Alce collection by Chris Hardy, one of Australia's most successful designers, is the latest addition to Missana’s current project, The Novelties, into which they have been adding at least one new product per month throughout 2016.

Missana's latest release comes straight from Australia. The Alce collection has been developed by Chris Hardy, a designer who surprised with the marked aesthetics of his designs when introducing them to the brand specialised in upholstered designer furniture, Missana did not hesitate for a minute and decided to add Chris to The Novelties project as one of the leading designers of a country in which Missana is successfully present through their exclusive distributor Innerspace (

This new collection of unpolluted aesthetics is based on simple lines and rounded shapes, each component of the design is extremely different from the rest, but they complement each other perfectly following Chris Hardy's initial ideas of individuality, simplicity and design customisation to create a striking and attractive product.

There are two components clearly differentiated in Alce, on the one hand we have the embracing back and seat and on the other hand the unique structure that surrounds the sofa, extremely different and individual elements that as its creator desired make perfect sense together and establish with their interlocutor a fluid conversation. Alce, as elegant as the animal that inspired it, is a comfortable and modern collection suitable for any contract project due to the great variety of different possibilities it offers in sizes, fabrics and metal finishings, a collection of sofas with an extraordinary personality, that clearly will be a break through in the international design panorama.

For Alce’s launching,  the design studio Jiménez de Nalda have selected one of the beautiful and unique fabrics by Febrik, in this case, the Beans collection in the colours grey and graphite, with their incredible textures give the final and perfect touch to the product.

The fabrics combine perfectly with its metallic structure and its exclusive legs in the shape of an antler, to which the product owes its name, all lacquered in brass. Missana has managed to create an avant-garde and austere master piece, an striking and trendy product due to its incredibly attractive aesthetics, its colour, textures and unique shapes.

Design: Chris Hardy |

Photography: Cualiti | 

Art Direction: Jiménez de Nalda |

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Chris Hardy Design

Chris Hardy Pty Ltd is an Australian design studio led by Chris Hardy, specialised in furniture and lighting design, Chris’s extensive and versatile experience never goes unnoticed in any of his creations and numerous projects. His designs arise from the customer's need and grow with the aim of creating a great connection between the user and the product that goes beyond functionality, and makes them in the end emotionally attached.

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