Pool Chair
Monday 12 Dec 2016

Pool Chair by YOIN Design & Crafts 

'When I swam at the swimming pool and climbed up from the pool, I grabbed a pool ladder that gave me a feeling which was very comfortable. I was also fascinated by the gentle lines of the ladder. This scene inspired me to design the pool chair with gentle lines like it. A chair that gives you a comfortable feeling when grabbing it and a gentle perception from its appearance. The pool chair is also as a cleaver graphical element in your living room.'

About YOIN

YOIN is a design unit which is based in Japan and Sweden. Core members of the group are Kazuaki Hibino and Masayoshi Oya. The two designers started to work together on various projects after graduating from the School of Design and Crafts (HDK) at the University of Gothenburg.

YOIN is a Japanese word which corresponds approximately to afterglow in English. And referring to the design unit’s objects it means that design should not be outstanding in any environment, but hook to your mind naturally instead. Thus the more you use the designed objects, the more you feel their emotional value. The designers believe that this way of thinking is a common sense between Japan and Sweden.It unites their experiences in the two different cultures and gives their artwork an unique character.