Starting Point Mirror
Friday 09 Dec 2016

The Starting Point Mirror is minimalist in form and luxurious in form and function.

It starts with a single piece of steel. The metal is laser cut and then formed to create both a cradle for the mirror to rest in as well as to give a convenient shelf for the onlooker. The gray tinted mirror is hand cut and polished. It offers a soft reflection as it rests in its complementary frame.

This stunning piece will bring an air of sophistication and tranquility to any space; a starting point.

'When I designed the starting point mirror I was trying to create a mirror that would work as well in an entryway as it would in a small bathroom. I wanted to create a product that was so simple in its design that it seems like it should have already been made; like it was an obvious answer to a design challenge. I chose to use steel because of its strength, the repeatability I could get by laser cutting, and because I could use the yellow zinc plating to achieve the iridescence. The gray mirror was chosen over a standard mirror because the reflection it offers is soft and much more complementary to the viewer.'
- Scott Cummings, designer.

Dimensions: ¼" x 24" diameter gray mirror, 18" x 24" steel
frame, 6" deep shelf
Materials: P&O steel w/ yellow zinc plate, grey tinted mirror
Finish Options: Yellow zinc and hand-cut grey tinted mirror.