RA Collection
Thursday 01 Dec 2016

Design by Alexandre Joncas

RA lighting series by D'Armes Luminiares consists of 2 pieces of hand-bent glass tube, brass and powder-coated aluminium : the RA Suspension and RA Wall.
Lighting: Cold cathode neon.

Launched in the Spring of 2016 in a former costume workshop located at the heart of the Chabanel textile district of Montreal, D'Armes Luminaires designs, manufactures and markets unprecedented, high quality light fixtures. Every lamp is an authentic creation associating a design and an impeccable finish to superior quality light. The founders of D'Armes Luminaires, Alexandre Joncas and Gildas Le Bars, fostered the common desire to create a local company and thus contribute to Montreal's artistic and creative vitality.

Alexandre, welder, neon bender and lighting craftsman has mastered to perfection his work with metals and the assembly of electrical components. His studies in visual arts and his passion for design, architecture and music provide inspiration for the creation of unique objects.

Gildas, after having worked for many associations, studied in communications and conducted research in political science, joins in turn the world of lighting as production coordinator then director. He ensures client satisfaction, quality of the overall production process, and places great importance on the positive impact of D'Armes Luminaires on society and the environment.

D'Armes Luminaires' creations are inspired equally by Bauhaus and Brutalism, as well as by the New-Wave movement and the visual universe of science-fiction films from the 80's. On a more technical level, D'Armes Luminaires uses green technologies such as LED and neon, which not only last a very long time, but also require very little maintenance and consume very little energy. The use of materials such as bronze, stone, glass and neon confer durability and authenticity to each lamp. Each model can also be developed with various finishes, colours and dimensions, while offering adjustable levels of luminosity.

Each lamp is imagined and produced in the Montreal workshop and D'Armes Luminaires gives priority to suppliers from Quebec and Canada to ensure impeccable quality. D'Armes Luminaires also works with designers and architects upon request to light up special events, restaurants, showrooms, etc.