Bookshelf A1
Tuesday 22 Nov 2016

From concept to development Vrokka always seek to unify local craftsmanship with low-tech machinery to achieve a pure and honest design.

The Bookshelf A1 is built in an external wooden skeleton that holds the solid oak shelves. This distribution of the elements allows infinite combinations of woods, colors and even other materials such as stones and metals.

The design focused on achieving lightness in an object that is usually visually heavy, also the shelves are apparently floating so it can look down to the handmade wooden connections and appreciate the craftsmanship of these piece of design.
With the A1 bookshelf Vrokka sought simplicity in the geometry and the lines, to be able to highlight the local materials.

The inspiration comes from creating a family of objects starting from a connector that joins the pieces and gives rigidity in terms of visual manner. Still maintaining the connection with the elements that are vertical and horizontal so that they withhold their importance in order to achieve a well balanced piece.

To conclude, the bookshelf A1 has the capacity to store books as well as other decorative elements and to be able to create timeless interiors.

Brand: Vrokka

Designer: Juan Carlos Franco

City / Country: Medellín - Colombia

Materials: Solid Oak  

Instagram: vrokka_co