BLOCK Collection
MUT Design Thursday 17 Nov 2016

Block: opposites attract

Opposite shapes attracting one another, complementary colors getting along with flamboyant spontaneity and curved lines fitting in parallelepiped objects: this is the essence of the new Block collection by MUT Design for the Spanish brand Missana.

With Block sofas and armchairs, the Valencia-based studio deepens in that search for duality they have already explored in some of their previous projects by making two apparently conflicting concepts strike up an open dialogue and eventually fuse them together in a gentle way.

Thus, basic geometric shapes, like cubes or prisms, adapt to organic shapes. The harshness of the base is counteracted by the soft touch of the seat and backrest, while the symmetry of the frame is disrupted by the obvious asymmetry in the distribution of the cushions.

This new collection takes from color blocking its bold bright flat colors, such as royal blue or burgundy, a radically modern palette however close to the most classic elegance.

Once again the game of opposites results in a provocative product which looks fun and whimsical and all the same suitable for contract purposes because its small size allows for easy adaptation to waiting rooms, lounge areas and lobbies.

Besides, cushions are provided with a hidden zip so they can be unsheathed in order to make maintenance much easier, especially in public installations where cleaning is more demanding. With Block, MUT have successfully proven once again their ability to perform mutant design: versatile, colorful and always shocking.

About MUT Design studio:

MUT is a design studio founded by Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón in 2010, as a multidisciplinary team whose values are based upon the principle of emotive design. High doses of experimentation and a lot of imagination to redefine everyday objects.This unique quality and fresh approach to everyday life unifies each of their projects, making of this enterprising atelier a design icon, ever growing and improving. The future success of this studio is limitless. MUT collaborates with national and international companies, such as Expormim, Peronda Group,Sancal, EnticDesigns, Zaozuo, Plust Collection, Miras Editions and Missana among other clients. In 2012, MUT was selected to feature in Wallpaper* magazine in representation of "The New Wave" of Spanish designers and on 2014, they were awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Award to the best product design for their Nautica chair.

Manufacturer: Missana