Open Home
Monday 07 Nov 2016

Open Home is a groundbreaking new furniture collection from John Lewis.

Developed by acclaimed London-based design studio Doshi Levien, it represents a new philosophy for furniture design that changes the way we think about modern living spaces.

Launching in February, the 13 piece collection is based around light and dynamic pieces inspired by the elegance of Scandinavian modernism and mid-century Italian design. The Open Home pieces can be deployed in a variety of spatial constellations that break down the traditional four-wall structure of rooms; the collection replaces strict living room layouts with sculptural furniture that looks beautiful from any angle.

"Open Home is a set of objects that can be moved around to let you quickly change a room," says Nipa Doshi, who founded Doshi Levien in 2000 with her partner Jonathan Levien. "There's something sensual about the pieces which means they work together, but equally they're strong enough to stand on their own. They're about helping you create a space."

Doshi Levien's collection is made up of armchairs, sofas, occasional tables, lighting and rugs. The seating features elegantly curved backrests that envelop you while you sit and which seem to float above their wooden frames. The looping legs of the tables are airy and delicate, while the lamps cantilever dramatically over their bases. Elsewhere, the woollen rugs are emblazoned with a pattern of intricate coloured chevrons.

"We wanted to design furniture that wasn't static, but which could show that modern rooms are flexible spaces," says Levien. "We've translated that into geometries which incorporate sculptural qualities and which offer an idea of how you can start defining spaces with individual pieces."

The collection is the result of a two-year research project. Each design was developed from an initial card and wire model that subsequently went through rigorous industrial development. The final objects are produced using cutting edge manufacturing techniques in a dedicated factory.

"People are going to live with these pieces for a long time, so you have to invest in quality," says Levien. "Traditionally, there has been a huge gap between the world of design and what is actually available to people. We wanted to close that gap."

Open Home represents the introduction of high-end design thinking to the British high street. Part of the John Lewis Design Collective, a curated collection of ranges developed in collaboration with design studios, it is the most contemporary furniture collection that the brand has ever created.

"Working with Nipa and Jonathan has been part of an exciting journey for us," says Philippa Prinsloo, Head of Design at John Lewis. "Open Home and our philosophy for modern living is a really forward thinking approach which explores the way that our customers live, both today and in the future. We are committed to embracing a new visual language for John Lewis with this collaboration and the investment in new and sophisticated manufacturing techniques has been truly rewarding."