The Contrast Collection
Monday 31 Oct 2016

The current body of work by Scott Carter Wilson aims to create a contemporary language that communicates between the piece and the viewer. Wilson tries to investigate the boundaries and find the balance between sculpture and function within the form. He enjoys playing around with audience's preconceived notions and altering their perception by inviting them to engage and handle the pieces.
The idea for his designs very much stem from form and surface and how the two concepts collaborate together. He enjoys the process of mark making and drawing in 2D, which is then strongly transferred into a 3D piece. The collection comes in a variety of hand-built vessels that range in different scales. Each piece is dried out to a leather-hard state to in which he then works back into it by hand-carving each vessel using tools he has either made or found in the workshop. 
The main ideas that weave through series of work are the concept of contrast and conforming. In order to show this Wilson use a monochrome pallet playing around with the ideas of light and dark and finding the juxtaposition of streamlined forms in contrast to rustic textures. He is inspired by nature and where it meets architecture – finding that realm where unlikeliness meets comparison is what we strive to achieve.