Step + Spiral
Tuesday 11 Oct 2016

The STEP + SPIRAL collection by Justin Donnelly invites you to elevate your plant game with indoor/outdoor planters in a wide range of playful colors. The stepped-tower design allows you to cluster your plants together wile ensuring that each plant is receiving an equal amount of sunlight. These modern plant stands are a fabulous way to green your home or garden, desk, windowsill or kitchen island. Each STEP + SPIRAL planter holds two or three of your most favorite cacti, succulents or houseplants. 

STEP + SPIRAL come in powder coated steel or brass/chrome plated steel. Each unit comes in two sizes-one for the floor (50cm - 70cm tall) and one for the table (18cm - 24cm tall). Planters can be customized by the addition of drop-in wooden plates of varying species and finishes. 

About the Designer:

Justin Donnelly is a Brooklyn-based furniture and lighting designer. Originally trained as an architect, Justin is inspired by prismatic geometries and haptic experience. As a result, the studio's work is characterized by a rigorous approach to material and manufacturing. But at the end of the day, it's whimsy and fun that drive the studio's process and projects.