Plank Sofa
Monday 10 Oct 2016

Knudsen/Berg/Hindenes & Myhr for dk3

The PLANK SOFA is designed by the Norwegian designers Knudsen/Berg/Hindenes & Myhr and has been developed in collaboration with the world-famous Danish solid floor plank manufacturer Dinesen. The designers were fascinated by the enormous dimensions of the Dinesen floor planks, which inspired them to create new kinds of products based on these planks. One of the results is the PLANK SOFA, which is a perfect supplement to the range of wood plank tables which dk3 is also known for.

The style of the PLANK SOFA is Scandinavian with an international elegance and appeal, and the combination of the various materials contributes to a unique piece of furniture where aesthetics, quality and comfort are paramount.

Facts about PLANK SOFA
The sofa is available in Dinesen Douglas fir, oak or walnut and the seat comes in a wide range of leather and fabric materials.

The wooden legs are available in either pure wood or with a "cup" in brass or stainless steel.

Dimensions: L265 x W77 x H67 cm
Seat height and depth: 40/58 cm

Knudsen/Berg/Hindenes & Myhr from Norway consists of Petter Knudsen, Anders Berg, Steinar Hindenes and Frode Myhr, and they are all educated at the Bergen Academy of Art &Design. They mainly work with furniture, product- and interior design, but are also involved in a series of design projects in cooperation with manufacturers - always aiming to create material and production driven objects with a distinct character.

dk3 creates unique design furniture shaped by nature and crafted by true enthusiasts. The passion for natural materials and uncompromising focus on quality is evident throughout the whole process from the first design sketches to the manufacturing in the carpentries.