Monday 10 Oct 2016

Pikaplant Jar
Jar is a plant you never need to water. It lives in an airtight biotope, recycling the water and air it has inside. It waters itself, so you don't need to. Jar was named a 'Must-see product' at Dutch Design Week 2014 by The Creators Project. The product ships with the plant included.

Pikaplant One
One is a shelving system with ebb-and-flow irrigation technology. It automatically and wirelessly waters your herbs and houseplants. It works for an estimated 80% of indoor plants. Named 'Best of Milan Design Week 2015' by Yatzer, One is the Pikaplant label's flagship product. It ships without plants included.

Pikaplant Tableau
Tableau is a tray that waters three herbs or houseplants using ebb-and-flow irrigation technology. 700+ units have been pre-sold in 46 countries on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Named 'Best of Kickstarter' by Booooooom!, Tableau is expected to ship in December 2017. It will ship without plants included.

About the designers

Dutch design label Pikaplant has designed and produced luxury furniture and homeware products with a unique focus. Their critically acclaimed products make plantkeeping so easy that anyone can do it.