Thursday 29 Sep 2016

A SOFA by Sigurd Larsen

To design a sofa can be compared to design a suit. It's a matter of leaving out a few elements, and it's no longer a suit. From season to season only minimal changes are done to update our perception of the perfect design.

A SOFA is deeper and longer than most other sofas, but designed to appear light and spacious by floating on thin legs. Like a room within the room it will define its' own soft and highly comfortable space.

A SOFA comes in velvet, wool and fabric in various colors and can be combined with legs of oak or copper.

A SOFA is designed by Sigurd Larsen for Formel A and can be ordered online: https://formela.dk as well as from Formel A store in central Copenhagen.


Length: 235 cm.
Depht: 95 cm.
Height: 66 cm.