Leather Plant Hanger
Wednesday 21 Sep 2016

Kathryn Leah Payne's modern take on a vintage classic, The Leather Plant Hanger, has been a big hit since they were released in October 2014 and she has since added to the range with limited edition Colour Pop and Tassel Plant Hangers providing more colour and variety to this interior design icon.

The Colour Pop Hangers feature bright lambskin lining and cord in a gorgeous colour palette of aquamarine, magenta, pistachio and rouge, they are then backed with undyed natural leather to create a stunning two tone effect.

The tassel version adds a hint of the Orient with an elegant long leather tassel, available with burnished brass, black and pearl lambskin lining.
Her classic range of Leather Plant hangers include Single and Triple Tier versions in Black and undyed Russet Leather.

Each hanger is individually handcrafted in her Christchurch studio from Vegetable Tanned Leather and solid brass with her signature twisted leather detailing at the top. Payne is a true artisan, sourcing and hand selecting the finest quality leathers and rust-free hardware. Her pieces are expertly designed and handcrafted using a combination of traditional and contemporary leatherworking techniques. Quality and craftsmanship are paramount to every design and every piece she produces. Her work often pays homage to vintage design but always with a fresh, modern twist.

A fashion designer by trade, Payne took a hiatus from clothing in 2012 to focus on her leather accessories ranges including her premium quality dog collar range Mo'woof Collar Co. before turning her hand to homewares in 2014.

Leather Plant Hangers and limited edition Colour Pop and Tassel Plant Hangers are available from