The Garrison
Friday 16 Sep 2016

A storied part of Toronto history is getting new life with the release of The Garrison, a contemporary piece of functional art with a fascinating story. Cast using steel reclaimed from Toronto's historic Garrison Road Bridge, this limited-edition, multi-use object can serve as a stool or a table.

The Garrison is the inaugural collaboration between two Toronto-based companies: Stacklab, an award-winning multidisciplinary design and fabrication studio, and Rebart, a company that salvages historic landmarks and repurposes them into works of design and art. Demolished last year as part of the Fort York revitalization, the Garrison Road Bridge originally stood on Garrison Common, to the west of the Fort. Rebart acquired the rebar and bearings from the bridge during the demolition.

"We challenged ourselves as designers to think beyond simple re-use ." said Je???? Forrest, Founder of Stacklab. "Our goal was to re-imagine and transform the material - taking dirty, heavy, infrastructural re-bar and reconstituting it into a refined, sculptural casting that performs its job really well. The Garrison weighs only 35 pounds and can support more than 800 pounds. We're proud of that. I truly believe that we've done justice to the material."

Leading-edge digital design techniques were used to reinvent the historical material. Stacklab performed rigorous digital prototyping, for example, eliminating the need for iterative physical testing and minimizing waste. The innovative design technology was an important factor in optimizing the weight of the finished piece, ensuring an elegant balance between beauty and functionality. In total, 102 pieces are being produced as part of the limited-edition run.

"The Garrison is a piece of Toronto, repurposed for the people of Toronto," explained Lisa Grassa, Founder of Rebart. "What's so special about this project is that we are bringing together old and new, story and design. There is a wonderful historical component to The Garrison that is rooted in its
material - material that's been a witness to so much of our city's story ."

The Garrison is being produced in cast iron ($1,950) or in cast iron with bronze ($2,350). Each of the 102 castings is numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

About Stacklab:
Stacklab is a design practice focused on architecture, furniture and installations, and the intersection of these disciplines. Driven by relentless curiosity, an obsessive attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to process, Stacklab operates a showroom and workshop in downtown Toronto, where it explores innovative materials and techniques. Stacklab's projects are distinguished by their purposeful design, enduring quality and unusual beauty.