Muuto Wednesday 31 Aug 2016

With FOLDED, Johan van Hengel has designed a decorative and functional shelving system designed to accommodate the desire to organize and display essential everyday objects. A practical shelving unit for storing and exhibiting anything from postcards to perfumes, FOLDED brings a personal touch to any room.

An innovative bending technique gives FOLDED its unique, minimalist aesthetic, almost like that of a paper envelope. Its architectural character and graphic Iines create the illusion of depth when mounted on the wall. Featuring soft rounded corners and playful details, such as an exposed bolt and hooks 'n contrasting colors for hanging scarves or keys, FOLDED is a practical tool for busy days when you need things close at hand.


Inspired by the shadow-play of layers, FOLDED is based on a seemingly simple bending technique of a single sheet of metal to create pockets which hold and separate your items. Featuring a subtle bolt and hooks for hanging objects, it is a versatile wall mount that can be used in both a practical and a decorative manner - suitable for organising anything from mail to books, perfumes or spices, or just displaying your favourite belongings, in the hallway, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.


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