Joongho Design Friday 26 Aug 2016

KOVY2 / 2016

Material : Metal
Category : Furniture / Chair
Photography by Hayoung Hwang / Joongho Choi studio

The dining chair of the series of Kovy produced by the studio of Joongho Choi is composed of materials to discolor easily for presenting the distinctive character.

Utilization of metal frame under the process of maximizing each special character is influenced on establishing a sense of stability. The way for sustaining the feel of raw materials with a welding mark and coarse treatment is also harmonized with the furniture of Kovy produced by the studio of Joongho Choi.

Especially, the chair, the furniture of Kovy series, is designed on the considerate engineering frame focused on helping customers feel comfortable under the considerationof the structure of a human body through the sense of stability with the aesthetic line and the back of a chair made by an iron

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Joongho Design

Joongho Choi, the director of iDealgraphy, has been working on his designs throughout mobile devise, IT, electronics, furnitures and lightings. As a director of design group ‘iDealgraphy’, he is searching for more experimental and active solutions to apply his and team’s design works. Challenges and experiments of young designers and numbers of collaborations with domestic and global businesses are ongoing with him and his teammates.