Muuto Thursday 25 Aug 2016

FRAMED is not just a mirror, but an Object - which, with its depth of both form and color, lends the wall a sculptural value. The colored glass and volume of the frame, which, seen from the side, has an almost three dimensional effect, highlights the intention that FRAMED is made as much to be seen - as it is to be seen in.

FRAMED is designed by the prominent Norwegian design company Andersen & Voll, Who took the approach Of giving new perspective to the conservative mirror, placed classically in the entrée. With FRAMED they have, Without compromising the functionality, created a mirror which can hang just as well in the living room as in the bedroom or kitchen. It looks just as good alone as it does together with other mirrors or pieces of art - and like any artwork, FRAMED is a direct way to project personal style and character in the home.

"We wanted to create a mirror that was more than merely a reflective surface. FRAMED is a new perspective to the classic framed mirror; it is a decorative design piece that leads your thoughts to installation art. It adds not only the functionality of a mirror to your home, but with its depth, organic shape and tone-in-tone color, it is almost perceived as an art Object on the wall. The FRAMED mirror can hang beautifully on your walls alone or combined With Other sizes and colors. "


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