Mornington Collection
Thursday 14 Jul 2016

Melbourne-based designers Ceci and Aydin Keyvanloo introduced Mornington, a new collection of seating and tables at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York.

Aydin has dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design. At a young age Aydin designed and developed a brand called CUBIC that manufactures store fixtures that are used globally by premier brands. 

Ceci studied Furniture and Product Design at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and Parsons School of Design in New York. She has worked for over 100 brands developing everything from to contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories to packaging, retail fixtures and environments.

“After years of designing for other brands I was ready to develop our own. Aydin has the experience of building a brand from the ground up and manufacturing on a large scale. Creating VUUE was a natural progression for us.” Ceci Keyvanloo, Co Founder

“Mornington provides the building blocks, allowing people to imagine how to use them.” With nine key items and a variety of materials, one can create ninety-six standard combinations. Sixty of these combinations can be used indoors and out.

People want to ‘bring the outdoors in’ and Mornington helps make that visual transition more seamless.  

Mornington was tasked with working as well around a kitchen island as in a hotel restaurant.

“With the Mornington Collection we wanted to design something has an elemental appeal.” Ceci continues, “It should have character but function in multiples without overwhelming a space.”

Ceci and Aydin set to work designing a collection that would use their manufacturer’s skills welding aluminium and as well as their own. As designers who understood the material, they were able to work out the right balance of structural strength and aesthetic proportion. 

Aydin drew on his experience designing and manufacturing fixtures for brands such as Starbucks, and Chanel to create a durable collection that doesn’t compromise aesthetics.

“We put a lot of effort into choosing the precise angle of the legs and giving the chair the right stance. Giving it life.” -Aydin 

It was the café culture and coastal location of Melbourne that influenced the collection that takes its name from a retreat just outside of the city.