The Pinsofa 1
Thursday 07 Jul 2016

Walking through the classroom with beautiful sunshine coming through the windows, Planbureau discovered a new beauty in the needles sticking out of the needle pillows. This was the studio's very first impression - this was so inspiring that they should be working with it.

Demeter Fogarasi's main idea was to have a playful concept, what refers to the inner child in every one of us. Enlarged object by themselves generate the feeling of being little as children. With the enlarged needles I am relating to textile techniques in an abstract way.

The sitting part is a plywood structure, with two layers of foam underneath the fabric. The lathed ash legs are held by metal fixings which you can screw from underneath thus the construction can be taken apart. The spheres on the end are made of foam as well, and they were upholstered by hand from 6 pieces of fabric.