Tuesday 21 Jun 2016

Louis, designed by Paolo Cappello for Newblack, is the analogue speaker that allows you to rediscover the sounds of old vinyl records thanks to a true dialogue between objects. The magical atmosphere of times gone by comes to life thanks to the encounter between technology and craftsmanship.

Louis is an analog speaker designed by Paolo Cappello for Newblack; it stems from the idea to relive retro sounds and give special moments by offering a fascinating journey into the past.

The speaker allows you to rediscover the sound of old vinyl records thanks to a true dialogue between the Smartphone and the object’s wooden trumpet shape. The speaker’s particular design, devoid of any electronic components, allows the Smartphone’s sounds to warm up and be enhanced by the retro features, thus adding a warm and nostalgic touch to modern sounds. Just a few simple gestures are needed, thanks to a dedicated App, for a unique and unforgettable listening experience.

"Louis is the union between the present and the past, between the technology that accompanies us daily and the simplicity of gestures, between design and Italian craftsmanship. Louis is the creation of design that makes our playlists’ musical notes warm and enveloping, giving us a fantastic journey into retro atmospheres and sounds while discovering memories from the past." Paolo Cappello

Paolo Cappello is a young Veronese designer whose talent and creativity have been recognized internationally. His creations were talked about by many newspapers such as NY Times, Abitare, Interni, Residence, Icon, Elle Decor, Deneen, Rolling Stone, Vogue.

Paolo Cappello has received numerous international awards (including Young & Design and Top Young Designers New York). His works have been exhibited at Rome, Milan, New York, Paris, São Paulo, Miami, London and Dubai.