Marbled Stools
Wednesday 08 Jun 2016

Marbled Stools is not what it seems at first glance, Davide G. Aquini deliberately lies in order to awaken a deep emotional response.

Harsh and rigorous looking stools made of plywood are matched with a cushion that looks like granite, but is actually a conglomeration of soft recycled polyurethane or polyethylene that perfectly simulates the stone. Only when sitting down on them will you discover that an uncomfortable-looking object may hide a comfortable and welcoming nature.

Marbled Stools are the result of research on materials, sustainability and emotional surprise. The cushions use recycled material, usually employed in acoustic insulation panels, made of small pieces of waste polyurethane or polyethylene. This particular composition gives a marbled look to the material. Sustainability becomes an aesthetic plus as well as an ethical value.

Marbled Stools are made in Italy in order to support local artisans and small workshops.



The materials used in the project are derived from waste or recycling from other production cycles.

The cushion is a conglomeration of various wasted or recycled polyurethanes or polyethylene.