Friday 20 May 2016

KAZA Concrete has partnered with Next Ship to create Tre; a new modular concrete tile series that gives interior designers and architects an infinite range of creative surface design possibilities.

Tre, designed by Next Ship ‘Navigator’ Levi Fignar, is a series of 4 distinct faceted triangular tiles, which can be displayed independently or as modular elements in a larger geometric pattern concept. Additionally, Tre’s faceted tile designs are made in 2 levels of thickness, allowing for tiered creations that work with light, shadow and depth. 

“We created Tre as invitation to architects and designers to take the Tre concept and make their own statements with it. We see surface design as a fertile area for artistic expression, and we wanted to provide the architecture and design communities with a tile collection that gives them limitless creative control and authorship,” says Next Ship Navigator, Levi Fignar.

Tre was conceived and created by Fignar, as an architectural surface design installation for the London Design Festival. Since then, Next Ship has developed and expanded the Tre concept for its commercial debut in the surface design and architecture world. 

Next Ship is a full-service brand & product design crew which has created two other tiles for KAZA Concrete: Cruck and Crisp. Next Ship is also behind KAZA’s brand communication as well as their bespoke tile service.

KAZA Concrete is an innovation-focused fine-concrete design and manufacture company, their tiles appear on several feature walls across four continents and continue to receive awards and recognition for their contributions to surface design and architecture. 

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