Tuesday 10 May 2016

Undae: A design process that plays with gravity

"Undae" shows the beauty of imperfection and diversity through a process that creates textures that flow in the objects. Inspired by waves that Nature creates in the sand and the sea, a handmade process has been created to represent this waves each one different from the other, randomly, in the way Nature does. An ecological resin is poured vertically into a mold separated into different layers. Gravity do the rest of the job giving a unique line each time to get a unique texture.

There are two collections. In the first collection, different quantities of blue and black pigments are added to the resin to get different shades of blue according to water movement and light. The second collection contains white resin that represents the sea foam produced when waves hit the sand. Then, this resin is mixed with wood flour and saw dust to imitate sand texture.The objects are handmade and distributed by Victor Castanera.