Tuesday 10 May 2016

CRISSCROSS, a range of adaptable furniture, launches on Kickstarter at 10am, 17th May 2016. Designed by Sam Wrigley, a recent graduate of Falmouth University.

In his final year of university, Sam came up with an idea for a range of furniture that would make moving easier and more enjoyable. To turn his idea into reality, he founded his first company straight after graduating. Since then CRISSCROSS Furniture has been designing, prototyping and developing his idea.

Forget everything you know about flat-pack furniture. From student flats in the city to family homes in the country, the places you live evolve with the changes in your life. Living rooms become dance floors, man caves become offices, and spare rooms become nurseries.

When it comes to moving, nothing’s quite as frustrating as furniture. It’s hard to build, a pain to take apart, and a nightmare to move. That’s why we’ve created CRISSCROSS, a range of modular furniture that adapts to your life, rather than tying you down. It’s super easy to build, take apart and move again. And because of its modular design, you can create almost anything that’ll fit your space perfectly. When you don’t need it, or it’s not right for you anymore, just change it into something new.

Our founder Sam says, “We’re incredibly excited and proud to finally share CRISSCROSS Furniture with the world. We just hope everyone loves it as much as we do! We’ve decided to make it available to the wonderful Kickstarter community first. They’ll be able to get it before anyone else, and at a special early backer price.”

• CRISSCROSS Furniture was founded by Sam Wrigley in June 2015.

• CRISSCROSS will launch on Kickstarter at 10am, 17th May 2016 for 30 days.

• CRISSCROSS Furniture is currently based in Falmouth, U.K.