Cork Table
Ardour Design Monday 18 Apr 2016

These beautiful cork topped tables, with steel A-frame powder coated legs were designed and built for a recent interior design project and keep in line with our human centric and sustainable design ethics.

Cork was initially chosen for it’s sound dampening qualities and aesthetics, however after further research we found many more reasons to use this dynamic and holistic material. Not only is it wonderfully warm, antimicrobial and antibacterial, it is also naturally water resistant and sustainable; it comes from carefully managed forests. Spending so many hours a day at a desk, more commonly than not in front of a computer, it is important to be in contact with a tactile material that nourishes you and is forgiving on your arms. Cork has the added benefit of being durable and easy to wipe clean, which made it a fantastic choice for this project.

The geometric designs were created in response to a brief that required something outstanding and unique. Each workstation has its own individual design, which was mounted on to sustainably sourced 24mm birch ply. We designed and built single desks at 1500mm x 750mm and double length benches at 3000mm x 750mm, which gave the client further flexibility in the layout. We ensured structural stability with the double length desks by adding a further third A-frame leg in the middle.

The steel A-frame legs were designed to contrast with the white wooden floor and provide a key and understated graphical element to the design. From our specification drawings, the steel fabricator produced a jig which enabled us to prototype the design and tweak important points.

Each table was assembled on site and with our keen eye for detail we added white beeding to edge the table, finishing the whole look off with three beautiful brass cabinetry screws on each edge. The result is a unique design led, sustainable, warm and tactile table for the office or home.