Erosion Set
Monday 04 Apr 2016

Studio Floris Wubben designed an installation inspired by the solar system with which unique textures can be created in sequence. Within this installation, a gas burner's flame etches a texture onto an unbaked porcelain object. The porcelain reacts to the high temperature, causing various layers to burst from the object.

By combining different glaze techniques with this etching technique, contrast arises in colour and texture. The distance between the porcelain and the flame, as well as the speed at which the porcelain object revolves in the installation, affects its final texture. The elegant shape of the bowl together with it's raw texture, make an interesting and unique object.

Erosion Set consists of bowls, pots and cups, and is a collaboration with Cor Unum ceramics studio.


About Studio Floris Wubben

Studio Floris Wubben was founded in 2009 and located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Objects by Studio Floris Wubben are made in their own workshop. The studio is known for its unique design that is at the cutting edge of functional products and sculptural work.

In recent years, the studio has focused increasingly on the design of machines and processes. The combination of use of natural materials such as ceramics, and the influence of the designer on the making process ensure the characteristic shapes.

In addition, nature is a recurring element in the work of Studio Floris Wubben. With minimal adjustments, natural products are transformed into functional objects, such as the Stripped lamp and the Upside Down Chair.