Self Portrait
Thursday 24 Mar 2016

Selfportrait, make-up mirror | designed by Ilaria Innocenti & Giorgio Laboratore

The appeal of the Silk Road - the route which connected the East to the West, reaching as far as Venice - is brought back to life by this object inspired by Chinese fans, where the mirror is offered as a refined female accessory.

The lightness and harmony of the pleats, typical of paper fans, are recaptured by the lines of the solid wood handle, opening up to create a simple and harmonious design: a unique grip, created by an expert Vicenza wood carver, which holds the mirror composed of a thin plate of brushed stainless steel.

Selfportrait measures 36 cm H x 20 L x 2 TH (the mirror itself is 0.15 cm thick), and is available in natural wood as well as antique rosewater and smoke grey colours; this small and evocative accessory also features a support base for use on a dressing table, and a wall mount.

The Inspiration

/Self-por-trait/ Attributed to Hephaestus, in ancient times the mirror was composed of a perfectly polished sheet of bronze, gold or silver. The subsequent technique of producing glass mirrors was equally precious, and therefore available only to the few: for this reason mirrors, the feminine accessory par excellence, have always been considered a symbol of beauty and luxury.