David Derksen Design Thursday 10 Mar 2016

Based on the Moiré Jewelry, this series of wall lamps is a celebration of the intriguing moiré effect. By rotating the back layer, the pattern interferes with the pattern in front. Rings, squares or hexagons seem to appear and to move, making this into an almost hypnotic effect. These lamps invite to play and become fascinated by the moiré principle.

Nature, and especially the principles and processes that are found in nature, are David Derksen's main sources of inspiration. This results in a strong focus on materials, how they behave and how they can be constructed. According to David Derksen, producing objects is like playing with the forces of nature. In his designs, he tries to express the beauty of the material and the way it is produced

Dimensions: 30 x 6 cm

Materials: brass/copper/stainless steel, plastic cover, LED lighting component.

David Derksen graduated in 2009 at the Design Academy Eindhoven and completed his MSc degree in 2011 at Industrial Design TU Delft. The studio is based in Rotterdam. Currently he is a guest teacher Product Design at Willem de Kooning Academy and initiator of a collective workspace in Rotterdam, housing approximately 20 studio's. He has worked with renowned brands such as Fred Perry and Hugo Boss, and galleries such as VIVID, Matter and Bensimon.