Wednesday 09 Mar 2016

Otto stool – Designed by Mario Ferrarini for Crassevig

The circle is the quintessential perfect shape and an emblem of continuity, unity and connection with no ends, corners or boundaries. It is the form that best symbolises the concept of unison and togetherness.

Mario Ferrarini has used the shape to develop Otto for Crassevig. The stool comes in two heights (65 cm and 82 cm) and both fixed height and adjustable height versions with gas lifts are available.

A single shaped steel tube forms the entire structure of Otto and supports the seat, which is available either padded or made of wood. For great comfort and safety, the lower part of the tube is flattened and serves as a footrest. 

Otto is extremely flexible thanks to the numerous customisation options. Both single colour and multi-coloured versions are available.