The Nest Collection
Form Us With Love Tuesday 08 Mar 2016

The Nest collection is as unrestrained as most work from Swedish design studio Form Us With Love, presenting a reversed silhouette—a club chair on a slim structure. The Nest collection demonstrates an exceptional capacity from Danish design company +Halle, manifested in chairs and sofas turned into elevated—yet sheltering—seat of decency.

The series provides an unpronounced divider to the traditional lounge area, by simply creating layers of both high and low seating. The heights offers a sense of privacy, whilst maintaining the comfort of a relaxed armchair.

‘With Nest, you can create a perfect room-in-a-room feeling without having to add traditional tall room dividers or high back sofas. When first installed it was evident that people were sitting next to each other—at different levels—without being affected by their neighbors. With a minimal expression, the Nest Collection, keeps the room open in a new way,’ says Martin Halle, Brand and communication director at +Halle.

Fascinated by the typologies of pedestals, such as the Umpire’s chair on a tennis court, Form Us With Love has experimented with a lofty landscape, adding the element of dignity and softness to a seat with a view.

‘Our ideas of different height layers led, as they often do, into deeper research. We analysed the activities and behaviours of a public spaces, and the upholstered furniture vs. bar stool seating scenario. Instead of putting the two characteristics next to one another, we merged them—creating a tall vertical Nest,’ says John Löfgren, Creative Director at Form Us With Love.

‘We believe that a comfortable high seat is an interesting addition, providing the opportunity to sit longer at a tall table. The skilled craftsmen at +Halle understood the importance of very small details and soon we were deeply entwined in a brilliant design dialogue,’ says Jonas Pettersson, CEO at Form Us With Love.

‘The challenge with the Nest range was the balance between the seat and legs. The importance was adding steadiness, to an elegant, high piece of furniture. Our hard work paid off, producing a durable collection without compromising the sleekness of the reversed figure,’ says Martin Halle, Brand and communication director at +Halle.

The fluid intersection of the seat and the backrest in the Nest collection is about quality and durability, demonstrating the skills on offer in +Halle’s factory.
‘Design shouldn’t be put on a pedestal necessarily, but we thought the idea of celebrating real craft was worth lifting,’ Halle concludes.

+Halle is a Danish high quality contract furniture brand, which develops and produces furniture for institutions, airports, offices, and other public spaces. No matter the location, the job at hand remains—giving humanity a chance to take a break. During the past few years +Halle has delivered furniture to companies like BIG Architects, MoMA, Google, Facebook, Erste Bank, Microsoft, and several airports worldwide.