Tuesday 08 Mar 2016

Fade Studio, a San Francisco based company, began shipping their innovative Fade Task Light in December of 2015. The studio aims to marry honest industrial design with the latest in LED lighting technology and then ship products directly to the consumer. 

Fade Studios is led by award winning designers Bret Recor and  Seth Murray, founders of San Francisco design agency Box Clever. The team joined with Scott Soong to lead their R&D and manufacturing arms based in Taiwan. Their goal is to create a direct to consumer model that eschews traditional retail markups  and ensures a streamlined manufacturing process.

“Fade Studio was born from the realisation that the lighting industry has remained stagnant,” said Bret Recor, founder and lead designer. “We saw an opportunity to bring transparency to the entire process, from initial design all the way to the finished product. We look forward to bringing our vision directly to design lovers everywhere.”

A solid cast metal base, die cut steel and some well-placed magnets ensure a smooth, flexible and flawless 120 degree range of motion for the task light’s arm. The light is available in four die cut patterns and colours- Black, Blue, Red and White.

An intuitive multi slider dimmer and color temperature control allows the light output to be precisely set from multiple levels (30 — 280 lumens) of dimming and a temperature range of 2700 to 5600 K in light colour.

The Fade task light utilises the latest in LED technology and modern functionality and design for home or office. An integrated 5-volt USB port in the base is ready to power or charge anything.

Fade Studio is led by award winning designers Bret Recor and Seth Murray of Box Clever, and Scott Soong. With Fade, the team is bringing their collective experience to the lighting industry and offering their designs directly to those who are looking for lighting products that illuminate and inspire.