NEO/CRAFT Friday 05 Feb 2016

NEO/CRAFT is Berlin based designer Sebastian Scherer’s furniture label. Scherer was born in 1975 in Aachen,Germany where he studied Product Design at the University of Applied Sciences.

After his graduation in 2004,Scherer moved to Berlin and worked as an interior designer. Sebastian Scherer Studio was founded in 2010 as Scherer‘s furniture designs began to attract international attention. Scherer decided to found his own brand upon receiving the Lexus Design Award in 2014 for the prototype of his pendant light Iris.

All of NEO/CRAFT’s pieces are designed by Sebastian Scherer, produced in Germany and distributed worldwide. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern production techniques, NEO/CRAFT is defined through its distinctive approach to materials and development processes.

In addition to the current focus on aluminium, steel, glass and wood, the constant search for new directions is at the core of NEO/CRAFT’s practice.