Drift Bench
Thursday 21 Jan 2016

Fernando Mastrangelo | Drift, FM/s, 2016

FM/s incorporates Fernando Mastrangelo’s background in fine art and design to create unique and functional sculptural pieces. The work serves as a reflection of Fernando's interest in blending organic natural materials with minimal and elegant geometric forms. For his FM/s studio, Mastrangelo creates sculptural pieces that span purely formal concerns, expanding our understanding of everyday materials and sophisticated industrial design.

Released in January 2016, Drift is a new collection of sculptural furniture inspired by glaciers and natural earth formations, utilizing hand-dyed sand, powdered glass, mirror, and cement. Drift includes a hand-carved upholstered sofa, bench, and series of mirrors, side tables, and coffee table that emerged from two pivotal voyages—Patagonia, where much of the collection’s color palette references, and the Grand Canyon, where layers of earth and strata inspired the sand’s ombre effect. The works incorporate elements that are meticulously labored and polished in direct contrast with surfaces that are less controlled. Mastrangelo’s collection confronts the tension inherent in work that is both functional and fine art.