Type-32 by Diego Grandi
Thursday 14 Jan 2016

Four different colour bases.
Four combinable graphics.
Two shades: warm, cold.
These are the factors of the Type-32 equation 
Beyond matter! This is the cry that springs to mind when seeing the Type-32 collection, the new project by Diego Grandi for Lea Ceramiche. 
And while the concept starts from matter, it transcends it, transporting it into an abstract golden ratio where invention adds greater meaning to the word decoration, rewriting a new yet familiar language like the first four letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha, beta, gamma, delta. 
As often happens at Lea Ceramiche, this project is total innovation. Starting with the size; rather than working on standard sizes, this new range uses the Slimtech long slat (20 x 200 cm) in the new 5,5 mm thickness.
The idea comes from the overlapping of two layers. The first, more material, is a screen print that plays on the idea of verisimilitude, reproducing a wood. The second is more graphic, it is a decoration based on the reiteration of the oblique line, in four different patterns. The combination of several slats creates the typical zig-zag effect reminiscent of traditional French herringbone floors.
It is an original and extremely versatile range: four different graphics, available in two shades, cold and warm, overlapping four different colour bases: snow; honey; coffee; vintage. Many combinations of layers can be obtained, the choice lying in the colours of the woods, the grains, the shades. 
The possible associations belong to the world of mathematics: flexibility becomes an equation that describes the versatility of a project with the strength of a system. Inspirations run from art to graphics. But also touch on illusion and memory. As in certain dreams, or rather certain visions, this has become something other than itself, reinterpreted as a pure image through a contemporary language that transforms matter into an image, while from a line the classic decoration becomes a potentially infinite surface, practically a large carpet.
Type-32 Slimtech 5Plus
Design by Diego Grandi
Gres laminato UGL
Colors: snow, honey, vintage, coffee
Tichness: 5,5mm
Size: 20x200cm