Anglepoise Studio
Anglepoise Monday 11 Jan 2016

Initially exclusive to UK customers at, Studio is where you will find a greatly enhanced colour offer for some of the best-loved Anglepoise® designs. Venture into the Anglepoise® Studio today and be spoilt for choice.

First off the mark is the brand new Original 1227™ Mini Studio Desk Lamp. A scaled-down version of the most iconic 1930’s Anglepoise®, with its characteristic anthropomorphic form and cute, ‘mini’ demeanour here is a design that lends itself beautifully to the Studio treatment.

And with no less than 38 Studio colour permutations on offer, the versatile Original 1227™ Mini becomes a chameleon, blending or contrasting to express a myriad of personal interior styles, from pared-back minimalism to unbridled eclecticism and everything in-between.

To formulate the colour palette for our first Studio Edition we called on the expertise of London based art director Despina Curtis to show us the way. After much deliberation, the colour choices for shade, arm-set and base were narrowed down to just four, the finishes to two: in matte, an earthy pink and soft, warm grey; in gloss, a rich, dark teal and deep, inky slate blue. The fabric-covered cables (again a choice of four) are as much a part of the design as the three main components. A neon-yellow twisted cable injects a sharp, shock of colour, round burgundy or black/white-patterned cables add interesting contrast while a steel-grey twisted cable simply blends.

With so many colour combinations to choose from, finding the perfect lamp can seem daunting at first, so we suggest dividing the decision-making process into three simple categories. For a unicoloured lamp, begin by picking your favourite component colour, then the only remaining choice is the flex. If bicoloured lamp with contrast armset and cable is preferred, concentrate on the dominant colour for shade and base first, then work through the options. If you’re in the mood for a mash up then focus on the options towards the end of the colour grid where anything goes. And if more than one lamp is needed, think creatively - non-identical twins or even triplets make a great colour statement!

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For over 70 years, Anglepoise has created table lamps and table lights that are now British design classics. In that time, they have redefined all a table lamp has been and can be. Their table lamps remain true to George Carwardine’s original design whilst incorporating modern features, such as energy saving bulbs.