Neo Lantern
Thursday 17 Dec 2015

Apparatus, the New York based design studio, is proud to announce the debut of their latest object collection, Neo Marble. Building on the studio’s distinctive aesthetic, creative director Gabriel Hendifar captures a sense of age-old functionality in this exploration of solid Italian stone.

“Material study drives our design ethos as a studio and we have found an opportunity to work with an incredible quarry in Italy,” says Hendifar. “Our aim was to connect with the timelessness of marble and create objects that feel somehow boiled down to their most essential elements.”

Working at the nexus of primitive utility and ancient ritual, neo marble distils the visual language of ceremonial objects to their simplest forms. The commanding proportions of the collection draw inspiration from structural relics and antiquities, continuing the studio’s investigation of material and narrative, balance and proportion. Starkly modern forms are rendered in solid Italian marble, a material that has historically signified strength and permanence.

“Your perspective as a designer changes when you attempt to carve shapes out of a finite material that has been a part of the earth for millions of years. You approach the material with a certain reverence and hope to bring a sense of history to the objects you create,” says Hendifar.

The torch-like Neo Lantern is comprised of a glass orb that sits atop a marble base- a single candle produces a delicate glow. Constructed from Italian marble, machined brass and sandblasted glass, neo lantern comes in three sizes and is available in white: Bianco Arabescato, or black: Nero Kinitra.


Photo Credit: Joseph De Leo