Inifnity Clock
Nika Zupanc Tuesday 10 Nov 2015

Bosa, the internationally known Venetian ceramics workshop, has been creating completely handmade objects and pieces of furniture since 1976. Thanks to the consolidated artisan experience, Bosa has undertaken a number of design challenges, creating functional objects and works of art design in collaboration with designers and businesses. Bosa products are known for their exclusive colours and finishings, such as precious metals and enamels, the fruit of the company’s natural and constant propensity towards experimentation and research.

Their latest collection includes the wonrfull kitsch Infinity Clock, derived from a collaboration with celebrated designer Nika Zupanc. Each pointer carries a loop and when they both meet things become charmingly complicated. Pointers and their loops form an intriguing visual structure that lasts for just a minute. The Inifnity Clock symbolises the potential of movement.