Peca Thursday 10 Sep 2015

Since graduating with a degree in Architecture from ITESO University in Guadalajara, Mexico, Caterina Moretti of Peca has focused on transforming her unique aesthetic search into the creation of objects and spaces. Caterina is inspired by day-to-day experiences and by the way in which people interact with the objects around them. She creates pieces that can be incorporated into daily life and that translate the aesthetic richness of nature into designs with subtle, organic lines.

Mökki invites you to discover on the immensity of the night and on what a flash of light can reveal. ‘It is a lamp-pot that is born from the contemplation of a peculiar horizon; a drive at night down a darkened road and of the exploration of materials; marble and onyx utilizing the magic of lighting.’ Says Caterina.

The main shape mimics that of a house surrounded by a mini-landscape that you design: a pot that gives life, light and fantasy for any environment it is placed within.